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Looking for the benefits of an oversize pulley wheel system but don't want to go "that big"?  Please welcome SLF Motion's newest product, our Midsize Hyper Crit System.  Rather than utilizing an oversize 14/18 wheel combination like our Oversize Hyper Speed System, this new Midsize Hyper Crit System utilizes a 14/14 wheel combination.  To help meet the demands of close quarter racing, close curbs, and hard pressed shifting that are all a part of Criterium racing, we have developed a system just for these scenarios!  Model 679 Hyper Speed Systems are compatible with cassette's up to 28T - Model 891 Hyper Speed Systems are compatible with cassette's up to 34T.

Shimano Oversize 14/18 Hyper Speed System - Available in both Model 679 (Ultegra 6700/6800 and Dura Ace 7900/9000 - 10 & 11sp as well as ) and Model 891 (Ultegra 8000 and Dura Ace 9100).

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