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In design for more than a year, our new Hyper AERO System has launched!  One thing we are proud we do at SLF Motion is listen to our customers...and the Hyper AERO System is a direct result of that!  From some of our most elite sponsored Athletes down to emails from customers, one thing became apparent - AERODYNAMICS was on a lot of people's minds.  Questions like "The Oversize wheels are great but the created aerodynamic drag must obviously negate those advantages" were regularly addressed...but now they've been answered!  

A combination of 3D printing, injection molding, and CNC machining have all come together to create our new Hyper AERO Systems.  All systems will be equipped with 7075 Aluminum 14T/18T pulley wheels, unique coated hybrid ceramic bearings, and a combination of Stainless Steel and Titanium hardware throughout.  All Hyper AERO Systems will ship with our new 4-year warranty*!

Thru extensive CFD testing (ANSYS), we have been able to determine that the Hyper AERO System is in-fact the worlds' more efficient and aerodynamic Oversize rear derailleur pulley wheel system on the market!  Crosswinds?  Yep, we tested that too which showed vast improvements as well!  Showing #'s higher than 60% LESS drag force than other tested Oversize systems on the market puts this system in a category all of its own! ** Data will be released upon completion of report **


* Shimano Model 891 Hyper AERO Systems are compatible with Ultegra 8000 & 8050 as well as Dura Ace 9100 & 9150 rear derailleurs.

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