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Our Industry first Midsize Hyper 1X System is the first of its kind, a pulley wheel system designed specifically for 1X drivetrains. Never before has there been a product like this offered for disciplines such as Cyclocross, Gravel, Mountain Bike, Adventure, etc.  Building upon what went into the development of our new Midsize Hyper Crit Systems, our continued love for all things off-road (gravel included) led to the creation of the new Midsize Hyper 1X System. Our new H1X features 100% “Made in the USA” aerospace grade carbon fiber cages, CNC machined 7075 Aluminum wheels, and coated hybrid ceramic bearings that all combine to offer a faster and more durable product when compared to OEM.  All Midsize Hyper 1X Systems are compatible with cassettes up to 42T.
Midsize Hyper 1X System - Uses a 14-Tooth / 14-Tooth wheel combination and is available in both standard or narrow/wide wheels.  By default, all Midsize Hyper 1X Systems will be built and shipped with Narrow/Wide wheels - if you desire standard wheels for your H1X, please note this during checkout
Question How much bigger is the Midsize Hyper 1X System compared to stock cage assembly sizes?  I’m worried about it being bigger, therefore more prone to being damaged in the rough terrain that I ride on (mountain bike and gravel).
Answer  A Midsize Hyper 1X System, which uses 14/14 wheels, will provide the same ground clearance as stock 12/12 "long cage" assemblies.
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